A Cheap Bribe

Late Sunday afternoon…Will, Weslea and I took off for an impromptu photo shoot at “our bridge.”  At the end of our almost deserted, middle-of-nowhere road there is an old vintage bridge that goes over the railroad tracks.  The railroad company might not approve, but we have kind of claimed it as “ours” in our minds.

Weslea is willing to be my model anytime, anywhere.  After tagging along on several of my Senior Photo shoots for the local high school girls, she has fallen in love with trying to be a model for my camera.

{Thank you Lord for small blessings!}IMG_2624-2

Will tolerates my camera for a short time…and then he’s pretty much done with the whole deal.

So, why did he decide to accompany us on our photo excursion?

I’m pretty sure it had absolutely nothing to do with my camera and much more to do with the lure of the old railroad bridge…and the countless number of rocks laying there just waiting for him to throw them.collage

Oh how I love cheap bribes!