The Drama of the New Camera

Amy and I have both been sent emails asking “When in the world is Angie ever going to add her Blissdom photos to the Flickr group?!?!?”

dancing2 (Jen Johnson dancing with one of Harry Connick Jr’s band members!!  That girl is gorgeous and knows how to have fun!)

Oi vey.

dancing3 (Beckie, a blogger that we met while dancing and fell in love with.  That girl knew how to get down, dance and have a good time.  She was a hoot to hang out with.)

The problem is that the day before I left for Blissdom, my “big girl camera” arrived.  Which is a good thing!  It’s a beautiful, wonderful, amazing Canon 5D Mark II and I am LOVING it.  I mean, it literally brings tears to my eyes to know that I actually own such an incredible camera now after shooting with a dinosaur of a camera for so many years.

dancing4 (The amazing Laurie – a.k.a. “Tip Junkie” – and Angry Julie whom I quickly realized is not really angry at all. She’s very happy, fun and sweet.  I fell in love with both of these ladies too.)

But, as soon as I uploaded the images to my computer I realized that Photoshop CS3 does not recognize any of the RAW files I shot while I was at the conference.

(Despite what it looks like, I promise that Amy is not flipping me off in this photo.  She is doing her crazy dancing fingers move.  Whatever that might be!)

After doing a bit of research on Google, I learned that in order for me to view my RAW files in Photoshop CS3, I needed to download a free DNG converter which now converts all of my thousands of RAW files to DNG files.  I still couldn’t actually view each DNG file though without opening each and every one into PS first, so I then downloaded a free DNG file viewer and I now have to go through that special program to view my DNG files and then go to a different folder to actually open the DNG file that I want to edit.

dancing6 (Amy dancing with Flat Tidy Mom.  They had the best time hanging out together that night.)

Did you fall asleep while reading that last paragraph because it sounds like a bunch of gobblygook? 

I’d fall asleep too if it wasn’t so darn frustrating!

dancing7 (Laurie and Amy showing off their “runway moves.”)

Long story short?  As soon as I can possibly afford it I am upgrading to Photoshop CS4 because this whole process is making. me. crazy.

As in “I-want-to-pull-my-hair-out-because-this-is-making-me-so-crazy” crazy.


I truly do love my camera though!  Drama and all.