Photo Challenge: We Heart Kisses”

This photo would never win an award and is actually really, truly quite awful…but the story behind it is so much fun that I am going to use it as my i heart faces entry anyway.

My friend, Cheryl from Tidy Mom, was so disappointed when she realized that she wasn’t going to be able to attend the Blissdom Conference with a bunch of her blogging friends.  When another friend of mine (the uber-creative Cathe Holden) heard that, she decided to create a Flat Tidy Mom paper doll that everyone could take to Blissdom with them to make Cheryl feel like she was still part of the excitement.

Flat Tidy Mom was absolutely the hit of the conference.  She hid in our bags, joined me as a speaker at the photography workshop, drank a few drinks, danced, and partied the night away.


She kissed Harry Connick Jr.

I have no idea what her husband thinks about the way she acted at the conference, but it became clear to me that she has a bit of “naughty girl” in her.  😉

Amy and I got to the entertainment early on Friday night and ended up standing directly in front of where Harry was performing.  I was a busy bee photographer taking as many awesome photos as I possibly could.  In the meantime, Amy stood behind me and was making Tidy Mom dance like a crazy person screaming “Harry, look at me!!!  I want to meet you!  I loooove you Harry!!”

He glanced over at her, noticed the paper doll dancing in the air and said something like “What in the world is that?!”

Amy yelled:  “It’s my friend, Tidy Mom!  She couldn’t make it to the conference so I brought Flat Tidy Mom with me!”

Harry took the doll and said “You do realize that this is just about the weirdest thing ever?”

That’s when we both started yelling “Can you please kiss her?  She wanted to be here so bad so that she could give you a kissy. Please, please, please?!”

He looked at Flat Tidy Mom and replied “I guess so…but there’s not going to be any tongue.”


I guarantee that the great Harry Connick Jr. is never, ever going to forget a certain Tidy Mom.