Little Itty-Bitty Angie

While attending the Blissdom Conference last week, I was thrilled to meet in person many of my blogging gals that I had been friends with forever…and it was awesome to meet new blogging friends as well.

One night seven of us (that number will become significant in just a moment) headed out to dinner at the local mall.  Me, Amy from Living Locurto (what a surprise, eh?), Jen Johnson (or JJ) from Blah, Blah, Blahger, Kimm from Kimm Reinvented, Emily from Remodeling This Life, Lindsey from Living With Lindsey and Jess from Frugal With A Flourish.

I decided to be a smart girl for once in my life and wore my flat shoes to walk around in. The hotel we were staying at (the Opryland Gaylord) was ginormous and my feet had told me that they couldn’t even take one more hour of walking around in the super-cute heels I had worn all weekend.

It was while we were walking through the mall though that I realized that I was really a very little, short person walking amongst six other tall, svelte women…to the point that I really started to feel like I needed to hold one of their hands and say “mommy, where are we going next?”

Or, as one of them pointed out, they could just get a leash for me and lead me around safely that way.

So, I plodded along in my comfortable, flat shoes until we finally found a restaurant that didn’t have an hour wait. It was a restaurant called Aqaurium that was obviously geared more towards families (with huge, wall-length fish tanks everywhere) so we decided to push several tables together in the bar area where we would be able to talk and laugh without having to worry about any children being around.

We spent quite a bit of time chatting, laughing and having a great time together until two young men stopped at our table and used the cheesiest line ever to get us to talk to them. And I quote…

“Ladies, would you mind if we had our photo taken with you all? The guys back home would freak out if they saw us in a photo with such a big bunch of beautiful women.”

We all kind of looked at one another and then thought, what the heck…let’s have a photo taken.

So we pushed away from the table, got down from the bar stools we were sitting on and the first guy then began to exclaim over my camera…“Dude! Now that’s a camera.”

Why yes it is!

They then continued to lay it on thick…

It’s not often that we see six, such beautiful women in a restaurant.  The guys are going to love to see this!”

At which point Jen Johnson looked at them and said, “Ummm, you do realize that there are SEVEN of us here, right?  Not six?”

Which is when the first guy (whom I like to refer to as Stupid Man #1) said “Oh, you’re right….huh, huh, huh (Stupid Man #1’s stupid laugh)…I didn’t even see her standing here…huh, huh, huh…she’s so little.”

“Her” meaning ME. “Her”, the same person that he had just said had a nice camera.

Little Her was ticked.

So, we headed over to one of the fish tanks to have our photo taken with The Stupid Men while the waitress tried to take a non-blurry photo with my camera.  When I realized that all the photos were going to be bad, I quickly grabbed my camera and said that I’d take the photo instead.

I said that I’d take the photo, but I never said what I would do to that photo.

(Kimm, Lindsey, Jess, Stupid Man #1, JJ, Stupid Man #2 and Amy.  Emily somehow got out of the photo.)

I only wish that I had better Photoshoppin’ skills. I truly would have enjoyed putting them in their underwear for all the world to see.

Moral of the story?  Don’t make fun of the short woman with a blog and a big camera. She’ll get you back.