Texture Photo Challenge

I love using texture on my photos.  Either finding it in nature, on a wall, from an element of architecture…or by adding it to my photos through the magic of Photoshop.

I think I love adding texture most when I am working with photos I have taken of nature (flowers, leaves, birds, etc.) but using it on a portrait with people would be my second favorite.

Last fall, Andrea and I had the pleasure of shooting Josh and Paige’s wedding photos for them.  I have known Josh since he was just a little whippersnapper (he is the son of my husband’s cousin) and it was a joy to be there with him on his special day to capture tender moments like this one…

Texture - J&P

Which was, of course, a completely posed shot.  Hee!

I’m going to be an i heart faces cheater and will show you the B&W version of this photo as well.  Since I can’t win anyway, I guess it’s not that big of a deal.  But make sure that you only have one photo in your post so that you’ll be qualified to win.  🙂

Texture - J&P - B&W

See you over at i heart faces!