I Heart Faces: “We Are Family”

This is my friend Adrienne, her husband Jeff, and their three beautiful children…


The past year for them could only be described by most as “horrific.”

Jeff has suffered three times from cancer.  He had just been declared “completely free of cancer” for the second time last spring.  He then went in for routine check this summer at which time they discovered a third form of cancer had taken hold in his body.

I shot this family session for them in October.  At this time Jeff was almost blind from the treatments he had been going through but hopes were high that the treatments would be effective.  The shoot was emotionally draining – not only because of the sadness I personally was feeling for what their family was going through…but also because it was so amazing to see that this family, who had suffered so much, could still have fun together and find joy in the little things.

Adrienne and Jeff were informed in December that his cancer is terminal.  It still makes my heart stop to think, read or say that word.  All treatments have stopped and they are now trying to live life to the fullest for the amount of time Jeff has left here on this earth.

Would you mind stopping by Adrienne’s blog to leave a kind word or note of encouragement for her today?  I cannot even imagine how stressful this has all been for them and yet all I hear Adrienne say is how good God has been.  She is absolutely a spirit-filled, wonderful, lovely person and it breaks my heart that her family is going through this.  I know that your words of encouragement would mean the world to her.

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