Celebrating “I Heart Faces”

I cannot even hardly believe that we are heading into our second year at I Heart Faces already!  Our big birthday celebration is scheduled for next week, but we decided to start the party early by having a fun logo contest this week…and the winner is going to receive a FREE lens from Tamron!

This week is the first week that I really wish that I was eligible to win….I {heart} the one Tamron lens I own so very, very much!

Amy and I are guest judging this week and we have a whole panel of our contributors who agreed to help us make the final decision as to who the winners should be.  I honestly have no idea how we’ll all pick the Top Ten this week…I’m certain the entries are going to be amazing!

Each of the judges has a special page set up and you can view mine here.  You can read up on all kinds of useless and somewhat fascinating facts about each of us (ie. Keli can lick her elbow but Amy and I can touch our tongues to our noses!!)  I have several photos that I came up with for this contest on that page, but I was having so much fun with them that I then came up with some new ones for my blog as well…

Entry #1:
I Heart Faces - Angie4 I should be ashamed of myself for this entry because:

a) the Amish hate having their photo taken….so
b) not only would they object to the fact that I took a photo of their feet in the buggy…but
c) they would also object to me having photographed their horse…and
d) they would especially object to me using a PHOTOGRAPHY blog’s logo on their buggy.

But, what they don’t know won’t hurt them and I couldn’t resist the irony.  😉

Entry #2:
I Heart Faces - Angie 2 We spent one day late last summer with our cousins riding bikes around Kelly’s Island on Lake Erie.  They were all riding around on their “I ♥ Faces” bikes of course!

Entry #3:
I Heart Faces - Angie3 Another one of the enthusiastic attempts my children made for the sake of this contest.  I love those ornery monkeys so much!

Entry #4:
I Heart Faces - Angie Everyone should have their own “custom made” I ♥ Faces camera strap, right?

Actually, now that I see this camera strap…I really wish that I had one for real.  How cool is that?!

Entry #5:
I Heart Faces - Angie & Amy My partner-in-crime, Miss Amy, and myself.  Since she posted a horrible, no good, absolutely awful photo of me last week…I thought it’d be fair to post a silly one (of both of us) this week.  {Bwahahahaha!!!}

You are allowed to enter five (5) photos into your blog post this week…five chances to win the Tamron lens everyone!!  Don’t miss out on the fun…

Remember to add our blog button to your post (it can be found in the left-hand sidebar of our site):

And don’t forget to add this wording to your post… “I am submitting this photo into the I Heart Faces logo photo contest. By entering, I am granting I Heart Faces LLC permission to consider my photo for use in the marketing and promotion of their website.”

Without the button and special wording, you won’t be eligible to win this week’s contest!

Best wishes everyone!