An Amazing Year

I had grand plans earlier this week of putting together a beautiful, long, completely sappy post about how much i heart faces and, most especially, Amy have meant to me over the past year.  We’re celebrating our first birthday!  It seemed like the right time to write a post like that.

And then we had almost 1,000 photo entries into our contest this week and my free time was gone in the blink of an eye. 

And then my kids decided to share their completely awful flu with me. 

And there went all my grand plans…right down the toilet.



Moving on…

In that post I was going to try to get Amy back a little bit for all the no-good, terrible photos she had posted of me over the past year by mentioning that I had proof of how talkative she is (the girl can’t even walk without talking)…

I was going to show proof of just how bossy she can be (I feel free to mention that here because she would tell you that herself)…

And I couldn’t forget just how fun she is as well!

I was going to talk about how she is one of the most creative people I have ever known…

(new logo she designed for i heart faces)

And also one of the most giving.

(complete logo design she created for Angie Arthur Photography for my birthday)

And, most importantly, about how awesome this past year has been working together.

We were talking on the phone Monday night while going through some of the first photo entries and realized that we both had tears in our eyes over the kind words that everyone seemed to be putting in their posts.  It was unexpected and yet so completely appreciated.  We talked about the strange circumstances that led us to one another and about how there was no other way to explain it except that it had been a “God Thing.”

Both of just happening to stumble upon the one same blog in all of internetland in the spring of 2008.
Somehow finding each other’s sites as well in the summer of 2008. 
Making an instant connection as friends.
The funny emails that were sent back-and-forth daily that cemented our friendship.
The email in the fall of 2008 that was the very beginning of IHF 
The three months of planning that came about after that first email.
The first phone call we made to each other in January 2009 (only a week before IHF went live.)
Our first face-to-face meeting at Blissdom in February 2009.

That list could go on and on.

It seems so awesome to me that two women were brought together – both with their own completely different strengths – to make a community that seems to mean so much to so many other woman.

It completely boggles my mind as to what an amazing thing that is!

I do know one thing for sure.  If for nothing else, I am so very glad that heart faces came about just so that I could meet and get to know a certain Ms. Amy.

Cheers everyone!  And here’s to another amazing year…