Throwing Around The Pigskin

“If a man watches three football games in a row, he should be declared legally dead.”
Erma Bombeck 

 (Sorry – I just had to throw that quote in there.)

Way back in the fall, a friend asked me to photograph her son during his football game.

This is the son.  Also known as Jacob.  And also known as Mr. #66…

Yes, my friend from high school now has a son who is literally almost twice as tall as me.

We both decided that night that we are officially old ladies.

I was really leery about trying this shoot for several reasons:

  • I do not have a very good zoom lens
  • I photograph a lot of soccer games and never seem to capture shots that are very great
  • It was going to start to get dark about 30 minutes into the game
  • I’ve never shot a football game before

There are reasons why sports photographers make the money they do…

1) They have to spend approximately eight bazillion dollars on a zoom lens to get really great shots.

2) They have to somehow keep track of numbers inside of the big pile of bodies you usually find out on the field during a football game (which is not as easy as you’d think.)

3) And….they have to be really good at shooting action shots.
jacob22-boring B&W

I am not a sports photographer so I chose a lot of the quieter moments in which to capture shots of Jacob.  I’m one smart cookie alright!

I also asked my friend, Chrissy, approximately 198 times… “Now where is he?  Where did Jacob go?  I can’t see him?  Is he still out there?”

I’m so grateful for the friends in my life (like Chrissy) who have been blessed with an enormous amount of patience.

She definitely needed it that night.