The Story Of My Life… “Hilarious Outtakes!”

This week’s theme for I Heart Faces is “Hilarious Outtakes.”  Well, let me tell you…with four ornery kiddos, hilarious outtakes are the name of the game around here.

I found all of my photo entries (we’re allowed five photos in our post this week!) in one folder on my computer from a session I tried to do with all of the kiddos on my side of the family (ten of them in all.)  Oh my word, on that day that session seemed like a nightmare (I blogged about it here.)  Looking back at it now though had me laughing hysterically at all of the antics those kids were pulling off during the entire shoot.

Entry #1 – The Whole Crew
group 1 Did those hooligans ever get a case of the giggles while we were trying to capture a shot of the whole crew.  It probably didn’t help that Uncle Mark was trying to get them to smile…but instead turned them into a bunch of crazies!  And yes…that’s my 11-year-old son acting like such a nut in the background.

Entry #2 – The Riley’s
rileys 1I think I had totally forgotten just how difficult it is to capture a good shot of a toddler until my sister (Andrea) had her kids sit down for their “session.”  I now have even more respect for her photography skills than ever before.

They sure are cute though!  Even when they have their face screwed up in a “Stop-Taking-My-Picture-Right-Now” kind of expression.

Entry #3 – My Little Guyweston5 If you looked up “Hilarious Outtakes” in a dictionary…I’m pretty sure you would find this little guy’s face right there being shown as an example.  During every shoot I have with him you will invariably hear me mutter “That kid sure is lucky he’s so darn cute!”

(To see further proof of his amazingly endless supply of expressions…just click here.)

Entry #4 – My Clan
kids1 See what I mean?!

Entry #5 – Brothers!
J&D-OSYou would think that adult sessions would be a lot easier to handle, right??  They usually are…unless there is a “brother” involved.  This one included my brother, Jeff, and his wife, Danielle.  While looking at this photo I couldn’t decide.  Do you think he tickled her?  Goosed her?  Pushed her over?  I’m positive he was somehow involved…and he looks pretty proud of himself, doesn’t he?

We have a whole slew of “Guest Fan Judges” who are giving me and Amy a break this week and they are going through the entries for us (love those ladies!!)  Whichever entries make them laugh the most will be put onto their Top Three list to be displayed on our website later this week.  Everyone has “Hilarious Outtakes!”  Have some fun and enter yours today!

Our “Guest Fan Judges”:
Brooke from Dinkypops No More
Melinda from Bloggin’ It From The Burbs
Rebeckah from Life With Kaishon
Dawn from My Home Sweet Home
Lolli from Better In Bulk

As a co-founder of I Heart Faces, I can’t win the photo challenges but I sure do love the challenge of entering them each week.  Thanks so much for stopping by to visit with me!