The Dancing Dog

If I’ve told Weslea once, I’ve told her a million times… “If we had to get a dog, you chose the best dog we could ever possibly have gotten.”

And she always says… “Willow is not just a dog now mom, she’s a member of our family.”

I’m still trying to remember why I bought that girl the “Raising a Lab” book that she is continually finding facts from to spout at me.


  • is calm
  • and relaxed
  • very rarely barks
  • has never cried (not even once) when we put her in her cage
  • goes into her cage willingly every time
  • is loving
  • doesn’t lick too much (a pet peeve I have about animals)
  • and is calm (that fact is so awesome that I had to list it twice)


She and I have a little routine now.

1) Act a little crazy while the kids are getting ready for school
2) Bring me every sock and shoe she can find for approximately 30 minutes
3) Curl up under my chair and sleep for the next seven hours

It’s a nice routine we have.


Outside of the obsessive need to chew on socks and shoes, she’s been pretty much a perfect puppy for us.

Until Monday night.

Monday night Bill and I were standing in the kitchen talking about something, listening to the sounds of the kids laughter in the next room, enjoying a moment together until… we heard the following:

“Mom and Dad!!  Come look!  Willow is dancing with me!”

After sharing a puzzled look, I called out “She’s doing what?!”

“She’s dancing…on my leg!

It took us a moment, but then realization hit hard and we practically knocked each other down to get into the living room where we could make Willow stop….ummm…. “dancing”… on our kiddo’s leg.


Yep!  Outside of the chewing and her new-found “dancing” skills, she’s the perfect dog!