Constructive Feedback – Angie’s Edits

Probably like every other mom in America, I have so much to do today.

I need to run errands, pick up a few more treats for the kid’s parties, finish a bit of Christmas shopping, attend four school parties…we still don’t even have our Christmas tree set up yet.  {I know…bad mom!!}

In the midst of that though, I Heart Faces is featuring Constructive Feedback Friday today.  A time when our participants can link in one of their “problem photos” and ask for help on how they should fix it up.

Throughout the day I am going to keep adding the photos that I work on.  So far, I’ve just finished one…but hopefully by this evening I will have completed quite a few more than that.  🙂

To find more information on the steps I took to fix up each photo, just go to that person’s blog and read the comments under their post.

1|   Constructive Feedback Entry #1 by Farmgirl
(This young man has such beautiful eyes!)

CFF - Entry 1 Edits

2| Constructive Feedback Entry #38Michelle
(what a sweet smile!)

CFF - 38 collage

3| Constructive Feedback #37Jenna’s Jargon

CFF - Jenna (resized)

4|   Constructive Feedback Entry #31 –  pics ‘n giggles

CFF31 - B&A

CFF31 - afters

I will keep trying to add more edited photos as I am able to work on them today…

Constructive Feedback Friday