“My Story In Photos: Holiday Traditions”

This week over at I Heart Faces we are celebrating holiday traditions in a special non-judged week of sharing photos.

Here are some of The Arthur Clan’s Christmas traditions:

1|  Decorating the Christmas tree

All of the photos I am sharing were taken while we were decorating our tree yesterday.  Yes…I was a bad mom and couldn’t seem to find enough time to tackle that task until the Sunday before Christmas.  I have a sneaky suspicion that the kids will make me keep the tree up until February 1st to make up for my transgressions.dec3-pinknostalgia

2|  I have a lovely tradition of always opening up the Christmas decorations box, going through the Christmas lights and then realizing that at least 2-3 strands of lights aren’t working.

Even though I just purchased them last year.

3|  That leads to the tradition of me (in my head) silently shouting a few choice words at the tree lights for the next hour.

4|  Which leads to the tradition of daddy having to head out to 10+ stores to try to find the one box of clear Christmas lights that somehow escaped being purchased by everyone who thinks ahead to this issue in early December.

5|  Which leads to daddy (not-so-silently) saying a few choice words about the whole decorating-the-tree experience each year.

6|  We have a tradition of trying to take an annual “We’ve-Been-Decorating-Our-Tree!!” family photo.

7|  Which is (of course!) a highly successful endeavor.

At which time I wipe off my sweating brow and thank the good Lord above that one Christmas tradition is finished for the year.

What are your holiday traditions?  Share them this week over at I Heart Faces…