For some reason our school system has a tradition every year that the First Grade kiddos have to learn how to square dance in PE…and then they put on a big show for their parents sometime in the fall.


I’m not real sure why they have this tradition.  It’s not like anyone out here ever square dances…ever!  I have never heard of an Ohio square dance in all the years I’ve lived here.

I’m sure that learning to square dance does help a lot with coordination and learning to follow directions and a million other things that teachers need to help our kids learn each year though.  And it’s fun!  That has to count for something.

Last week when I was in Dallas, I (of course!) forgot to buy gifts for the kids until I was in the airport.  That means they each got an incredibly overpriced “Texas” t-shirt as their gift from me.  When Wyatt came home saying “I have to dress up like a cowboy tonight!” there was no talking him out of wearing that t-shirt.  He, like me, believes that there should be cowboys all over the place when your plane touches down in Texas.  I was sorely disappointed when I realized that there are almost no cowboys to be found in Dallas.  I’m not going to tell Wyatt about that and break his little heart.

So, I got home from Dallas (after the nightmarish, neverending flight home) and then the next day took off to go through four parent-teacher conferences and then to watch Wyatt at his Square Dancing Event.


Now, I know absolutely nothing about square dancing but I can tell you this…watching a bunch of “cowboy” and “cowgirl” First Graders square dance is just about the cutest thing ever!

And they are very serious about it.

You get to see do-si-do’s:


And “recognizing your corner”:


And “twirling your partner around”:


{I could quite possibly have put all of those terms with the wrong photos though, so please just let me live in my blissful ignorance if I’m wrong about that.}

And then the blasted PE teacher announced that she “was going to provide an opportunity for the parents to square dance with their children as well.”

After a heated, whispered conversation with the hubby…guess where I ended up?!


“Thankfully” the hubby grabbed my camera and took no less than 27 shots of me square dancing with Wyatt, Will and Weslea.


God bless him…


The PE teacher redeemed herself though by providing a second opportunity for the parents to dance with their children.


Paybacks are so much fun!


No, seriously.  Paybacks really are amazing things.


It’d be difficult to find something much cuter than this little “Texan” toothless wonder cowboy on his square dancing night!


Can I hear a “Yeeeeee-Haaaaawwww”?!