Who Are You Again?

This is Christal from the blog A Moose, A Bear and A Ladybug.  Isn’t she a cutie?


(Photo taken by my sister, Andrea.)

Christal was the cause of one of the biggest fits of laughter I’ve ever been a part of in my life.

On our last night of the I Heart Faces workshop, a bunch of us went on a Photowalk through downtown Dallas together and ended up eating at an authentic BBQ restaurant (yum!)

By this time, we had spent a lot of hours together and everyone knew everyone else very well.  We were comfortable, relaxed, starving and ready to sit down and socialize a bit.

Time passed, conversation continued to flow, laughter was abounding and I was turned to my right talking to Amanda when all of the sudden I heard a roar of laughter from the other end of the table.

Enquiring minds wanted to know…what the heck was going on down there?

It ends up that while she had her phone out, Rebeckah from Life with Kaishon (whom we had all called “Becky” the entire weekend) had sent Christal a Facebook friend request.  A little while later Christal took her phone out and was checking her emails and noticed she had a friend request from a “Rebeckah Leatherman Adams”.

After a few seconds of looking at her phone, Christal turned to the girl sitting next to her on her left (Melissa) and whispered “Is there a Rebeckah in our group?  I don’t think I know this person.”

Melissa looked at her in disbelief and said “Um, yeah…she’s the person sitting right over there.  You know, in that seat RIGHT NEXT TO YOU.”

At which time Christal slowly turned to her right to look at Becky and decided that she’d like to dig a hole to bury her head in.

If we thought we were relaxed before, it was nothing after that little event.  Becky (with her awesome New Jersey/Philadelphia accent) was on a roll and we got to sit back and enjoy the view.  LOL!!

Here’s a teeny-tiny peek at how our evening went (which basically means that you are just going to see a bunch of ladies laughing like goofballs…)

Untitled from I Heart Faces on Vimeo

By the end of the night we were all referring to Becky as “Who are you again??  I think I might know you, but I don’t really think I do!” and as “Oh yeah, you’re the girl with the well-known blog called Life With Kevin!”

Christal was actually lucky though.  She had almost turned to BECKY to ask her if she knew who this “Rebeckah Leatherman Adams” person was.  Now that one…she would have never lived it down.  LOL!