The Bravery Of Rebeckah

When you are surrounded by a bunch of excited photographer ladies for a long weekend, there are surely going to be a ton of funny stories to share.  I’m going to try to write about them on my blog so that I won’t forget them with this “mommy brain” that I’ve been blessed with.

Rebeckah from Life With Kaishon is one of the sweetest internet people that I have ever met.  I love her writings, the way her photography has improved so much over the past year, her amazing support of I Heart Faces and the super sweet comments she leaves not only my blog, but on the blogs of hundreds of other people as well.

During the workshop, I learned that while Rebeckah doesn’t particularly care to have her own self show up in photos…she is definitely not afraid to ask anyone else to do anything.  Not even strangers!

Oh how I wish I had a little bit of her bravery inside of me.  🙂

All weekend long, Rebeckah approached strangers to have their photo taken.  Each and every one of them said “yes!” and each and every one of them seemed honored to have been asked.  She did this so much during the weekend that we began teasing her that she should start a new business.  Amy even made her this special business card to use:

WS - Becky

During our Photowalk through downtown Dallas on Saturday evening, she saw a cutie-pie couple walking towards our group and she immediately approached them to ask if they would mind if she took their photo for them.  They said that would be fine and then proceeded to spend the next half hour of their lives listening to a bunch of crazy photographers ask them to do different poses for them.

(All of the following photos were taken and edited by my sister, Drew.)

WS - couple1

After they had done some “couple poses” for us awhile, Rebeckah asked them if they would please kiss each other so that we could capture that moment for them…and they needed to kiss for a looooooooong time to give us enough time to get our shot in.

The guy looked at her for a second and then very seriously said… “But, she’s my sister!”

WS - couple2

Oh yeah, he knew how to work his audience! He had us all busting a gut for the next 10 minutes..chortling about how he had gotten us with the “sister” comment.

He cracked us up again when he asked us to get a shot of all of the photographers photographing them…

WS - couple3

It seems he wanted absolute proof to show off to his family and friends that he and his girlfriend had indeed been stalked by the paparazzi in downtown Dallas.

Oh Rebeckah…you are my photographer hero!

Stay tuned for another fun “Rebeckah Story” tomorrow.  🙂