Two of my kiddos, Weslea and Will, each had the same teacher for first and second grades (they looped with her for both years), so we have gotten to know Mrs. Kotlarek very well and love her to pieces.  When we found out that she was being moved to the third grade this year, we crossed our fingers and hoped that Weslea would get to have her as her teacher again.  And she does…but only as her math teacher instead of as her home room teacher.


Weslea is still trying to recover from the disappointment.  🙂


After months of us trying to get together for a family photo session, we thought we finally had our act together last Thursday.  And then Tina’s husband found out that he had to work overtime that night and there was no way he could get out of it.

We decided to get together anyway so that I could take photos of her kiddos before we got the big forecasted rain and all of the pretty leaves were blown off of the trees.  And, oh my goodness…what a beautiful location she chose for their photos!


There were two things I learned from this shoot:

1) It is very difficult to pose two teen siblings without making it look like they are in the middle of their engagement photos


2) Teen girls are much, much, much, much, much, much easier to photograph than teen boys


Teen girls LOVE the camera and are a ton of fun to work with.

k14-b B&W

Teen boys…not so much.

Not that they aren’t fun to work with, but they definitely do not love the camera like a teen girl does.  It takes a lot more work to get them to relax and be natural.


And now I know why Amy Wenzel only photographs Senior Girl Photos and not Senior Boy Photos.

It all makes perfect sense now.  lol!

You can view additional photos from this session on my Angie Arthur Photography Facebook Fan Page.