Photo Challenge: Balloons

I had grand plans for this week’s I Faces “Balloons” theme.  I headed over to the birthday supply store to get a big bunch of helium balloons…completely forgetting that it was Sunday and they closed early.  Urgh!

So, I’m going to have to go with an oldie, but goodie.

It’s actually not that old though.

One beautiful evening in August, Bill came running into the house yelling “Everybody get outside!  You’ve got to see this!”

And it was a sight to behold!

I Heart Faces

I wrote a post about it here, but let me tell you…there were hot air balloons everywhere!

The balloon in this photo landed in my neighbor’s yard right in front of our kids and all I heard the guy in the balloon say was “No, no…please don’t get in the balloon.  You can’t get in the balloon!”  (To my ornery son Wyatt who had decided that he’d like to climb right on in to take a ride himself.)

One went directly over our house.  I had a brief conversation with the people in the basket while they informed me that they’d check out our roof for us to see if it needed any repairs.  🙂

And one (which was decorated to look like a strawberry) had a man in it that threw down a toy parachute guy to the kids.  They were thrilled!

It was such a fun evening and I’m glad we had this theme so I could go back to remember it.

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