On With The Dance!

In my opinion, yesterday’s photos were just as cute as all get out.  First Graders.  Without teeth.  Square Dancing.  That’s just cuteness galore!

Today’s post is just going to be hysterically funny.

Last week we sat through no less than five…FIVE!…parent-teacher conferences just for our fifth grader, Will.  He’s a “big kid” now and gets to rotate to different teachers for each class.

{Sitting through five conferences for just one child is definitely not the hysterically funny part of this post.}

Each and every teacher we talked to mentioned how well Will was doing, what a joy he was to have in class, how they couldn’t believe how shy he was at the beginning of the year, but that they were glad that he was starting to come out of his shell.

And that’s the truth about Will at school.  Now at home?  Whole different story.  At home he’s the Mr. I’m-Going-To-Bug-The-Snot-Out-Of-My-Siblings-Until-Mom-Wants-To-Rip-Her-Hair-Out boy!

I’m really glad that he is a great boy at school though.

After the square dancing part of the evening was over, an announcement was made that any and all students were welcome to join the phys ed teacher out on the gym floor to participate in line dancing together.

Bill and I looked at each other like yeah right…I think we can head for home now because there is no way in heck that any of our kids are going to do that.

Right until about two seconds later when Will came running up to us to say “AWESOME!!!  That’s so cool!!!  I am so going to line dance!!”

Say what?!

But boy howdy…did the boy ever dance!

Here are the friends that Will convinced to cut a rug with him:
Boy #3 (on the right) is thinking “This is fun!”  Will (in the middle) is thinking“Woo-hoo!!” and Boy #1 (on the left) is thinking “Why do I let my friends talk me into doing these things?!”

All three boys stayed out there the entire time and did they ever get jiggy with it…

They busted a move…

They got their groove on…

{You’ll have to excuse me.  I was raised in non-dancing Baptist schools and I can’t think of any other slang phrases to use for “dancing.”}

Let’s just put it this way…the boy could have given Elaine, with her famous dance on Seinfeld, a run for her money.

It was absolutely, completely and hysterically funny.

Especially when I looked over and saw one of Will’s teachers sitting in the front row just shaking her head in disbelief.  And then I got to watch her whip out her video camera to get “evidence” to show the other teachers that Will Arthur was a scrawny little fraud…the boy wasn’t shy at all! 


That’s my boy…

The Dancing Machine!