Little Brothers Are Buttheads

On October 31st, we (along with 95% of the rest of America) went trick-or-treating.


Now, before we went trick-or-treating, I had a busy morning….working on the computer, editing several sessions, getting the kid’s costumes ready, cleaning up the house a bit, helping Will and Bill get ready to leave for the Ohio State game they were going to go to…  All you moms know how it is on days like that.  It was busy!

My youngest brother and his wife (Jon & Kathy) were coming into town to go trick-or-treating with us and then to go to a Halloween party at their friend’s house.  I had a photo session scheduled with one of my friends so Jon and Kathy very kindly offered to babysit my kids so that the kiddos wouldn’t have to sit through a session with me.


Since I was running late, I just took a quick shower, slapped on a bit of make-up and was out the door with my wild, crazy, curly hair in all it’s “glory”…instead of being nicely straightened like I usually would wear it.

I met my friend to take photos of her son.  He is a football player and she had obtained permission for us to go onto the field to take some photos of him in his uniform.  Since we live in Ohio, it is probably needless for me to say that it was a wet, cold, windy day.  That’s just a given when it’s October in Ohio.


I got back to my mom’s house (where the kids were with Jon and Kathy), got the kids ready as fast as I could, took photos of them all and listened to Jon pester me about my costume.  Or, in my case, my non-costume.

What costume was I going to wear?  None.  Why not?  Because I’m not.  But why?  I’m. Not. Wearing. One.


Obviously, Jon had a costume to wear.


Apparently he thought I should be wearing one too.


He finally shut up about it until this very frazzled mama was packing all of her little goblins into the van.  That’s when he piped up and said “I got it!  You did dress up in a costume!  You’re going as…..Hermione!”

You know Hermione, right?  I’m not talking about the pretty Hermione from the latest Harry Potter movies.  Oh no.  Mr. Stinker Pants was referring to the frizzy-haired, awkward Hermione we all saw in the very first Harry Potter movie.

As I gave him the evilest eye I could muster and while Kathy exclaimed “Jon!  That was not very nice!”, he just took off to his car with a huge grin on his face.

And I think that makes it very fair for me to announce that LITTLE BROTHERS ARE BUTTHEADS.