Photo Challenge: “Excited!”

In our school system, at the end of the school year each of the elementary classes have the opportunity to participate in “Field Day” – a day when the PE teacher plans special games and activities for them all to do, the kids get to wear a special spirit shirt that their friends can sign and they just have a ton of fun in general.

At the end of their Field Day events, the classes always battle it out in an no-holds-barred tug-of-war fight.  Some of my kiddos have been in classes that rarely (if ever) win a game of tug-of-war, but Weslea’s class last year rocked it.  They had several boys who were big for their age and they completely knocked out whatever competition was sent their way.

And they were a bit EXCITED about that!

excited - B&W

Just looking at this photo instantly brings back the moment for me…they were pumped!  🙂

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