Constructive Feedback Friday

Constructive Feedback Friday
Today was Constructive Feedback Friday over at I β™₯ Faces and I got addicted, like I always do.  Something about working with brand new photos that I haven’t taken is kind of fun to me.  πŸ˜‰

The I β™₯ Faces contributors (plus Amy and myself) try to make sure that each entry receives feedback from at least one of us.  Here are a few of the photos that I worked on today:

Entry #28 by:  Lyndsey G – I loved this photo so much.  I used Camera RAW to open up his beautiful eyes a bit and then I did my basic edit to brighten, boost and sharpen the photo a little more.  This photo was just so cute!
Entry #14 by Hotomom – Isn’t this little girl a doll?  I just grabbed my daughter, Weslea, and told her that we needed to try this pose the next time we have a nice day.  I tried to go with a real natural look with this edit.  I just love the way her brown eyes sparkle!

CFF14 - Angie's Fix

Entry #27 by *bowbenie* – The skin tones were really difficult to work with in this photo.  A combination of a little boy playing outdoors and the reflection of the bright red slide on his face.  He still looks a bit pink to me in my edit (urgh!) but I really love the B&W edit.  And B&W is one of the easiest ways to get rid of skin tone issues.  πŸ™‚

CFF27-Angie's Fix

Entry #29 by Maria – This photo was tough because the focus was a bit off of her eyes and was actually on her hair.  There is no way to fix focus when it is off, but I tried to tone down her skin tones a bit (a reflection of the magenta/red in her shirt) and went with a B&W edit as well.

CFF29 - Angie

Entry #30 by Megan – In this entry I felt that the darkness of the fabric on the couch competed with the softness you look for in a baby photo.  I decided to change this photo to B&W to get rid of that problem.


Entry #40 by Jenna – This photo is just amazing and makes me want to run to my nearest rodeo (which would be in another state because Ohio is not known for their rodeos.  lol!)  I thought she took an amazing photo with the equipment that she owns and basically just worked on this one because it was fun!

CFF40 - Angie's Edits

If you enjoy editing photos, head on over to I β™₯ Faces and give it a try! 

And thanks to everyone who put their photo out there for advice and who let us borrow their photo for a day.  Constructive Feedback Friday is a lot of work, but it sure is fun too.  πŸ™‚