Baby Kara

Two weeks ago, one of my high school Facebook friends announced that her baby girl had finally arrived safe and sound.  I was really excited for her and immediately left a note of congratulations for her on her page.  And then a light bulb went off in my head and I thought…we could have a teeny-tiny newborn shoot!

Baby Blog2

We began making plans and were finally able to get together last Friday in my sister’s beautiful home.  Janine has a huge family/living room with two stories of windows along one wall.  The natural light in that room is amazing and made for the perfect spot to take photos. 

I really wish that I had taken photos of my setup for this shoot (what a mess we created!) and will try to do that for sure next time so you can see the adults holding up backdrops, the baby surrounding by heaters (so she’d remain happy while naked) and the mess of props we had ready to go.

Baby Blog1

In the process of doing this baby shoot (which I had mainly thought of as a way to build up my portfolio) I began to realize…I LOVE THIS!  While rolling up my sleeves, fanning myself and dripping from sweat (keeping a baby nice and warm is hard work on the photographer) it began to dawn on me that this was the most fun I had ever had during a photo shoot.

Baby Blog16

I now want to be a full-time newborns-only photographer! 🙂

Baby Blog8

It was like having a “baby fix” without having to get pregnant, go through labor and then raise the child myself.

Baby Blog10

So, without further ado…here is your official “baby fix.”  You all can thank me later!

Baby Blog3
Baby Blog5
Baby Blog6
Baby Blog7
Baby Blog9
Baby Blog11
Baby Blog14 Baby Blog17Baby Blog25   Baby Blog26
Baby Blog21

If you’d like to see more photos from this shoot, I’ll be putting them on my Facebook Page soon.

And, did you notice my new look?!  Huge thanks goes out to my amazingly talented friend, Amy (co-founder of I Faces and author of Living Locurto.)  Thanks to her, I now have my very own brand/logo (excuse me while I go dance my “happy dance!!!!!”)  I’ll be writing about this more later on this week.

While I’m talking about Amy…did you know that she is giving away a free iPod Touch this week?  All you have to do is leave a comment and you might win one absolutely free.  Will and Weslea have been stashing their money away for six months trying to save up enough to get an iPod Touch.  I can’t even imagine how thrilled they woul
d be if I won!

Special Note:  I cannot believe I forgot to add this to my original post.  I do not own even one cutie-pie prop for newborn photography.  When I found out my friend had given birth, I called another friend Kate (who is a wonderful photographer) and asked her if I could borrow her props.  If there is one thing I have been blessed with, it is that I’ve been surrounded (online and in life) with friends who are giving and amazing people.  Kate said that I could borrow anything I needed so almost every single fabric, hat, bowl, basket or prop was from her (aside from the pillows that were my sisters.)   I can’t thank her enough for her generosity and can’t wait to repay the favor by taking her maternity photos for her!  🙂