An Amazing Family

Yesterday afternoon I had one of the most rewarding (and yet at the same time one of the most emotionally difficult) photo sessions I have ever been involved in before.


This family session involved my dear friend, Adrienne…whom many of you know in the blogging world as Adrienne in Ohio…and her fun, loving husband (Jeff) and their three beautiful children.

Adrienne and Jeff are in the midst of fighting through his third bout with cancer.  It has been a long, hard, extremely emotional struggle for them.  In my mind, it feels like they had just barely received the news that he had finally reached the mark when he should be completely cancer free when they then found out that he had another cancer (different from the first two types and yet related.)


They just found out that the chemotherapy sessions he was going through were not helping and he began intensive radiation last week.  He is very, very sick and they are desperately in need of a miracle to happen in their lives.


They are an amazing couple though…and have three beautiful, fun, spunky, vibrant children.  And somehow, even with dad being as sick as he is, they made the session one that was full of fun and laughter…and hopefully one that was full of wonderful memories that they will be able to think back upon forever.


Adrienne and I attended the same school growing up but just became reacquainted last year through Facebook. It was so much fun for me to get to know Jeff better through our shared love of photography.  It breaks my heart that his treatments have taken away most of his sight and he is now unable to participate in this hobby that means so much to many of us.


And Adrienne?  There are no words to describe Adrienne and the courage, faith, strength and grace that just permeate her being.  She amazes me.


I honestly was a bit worried about becoming emotional during the photo shoot, but it wasn’t sad at all.  It was happy and lovely and wonderful to see a family filled with immense love hanging out with one another.


My emotions were fine…until I got in the car and drove away.  And then the tears flowed and prayers began.  And the tears continued to flow all evening as I began weeding through their proofs, editing the final photos and writing this post.

Tears for the pain they are going through and the unfairness of it all.  Tears for those beautiful children.


And tears for the fact that even though he was obviously not feeling well at all today, Jeff still actively participated in a photo shoot that is going to mean the world to them for years to come.


You can follow along on Adrienne’s journey through her special blog, Grace For The Journey.

You can view more photos from this session on my Facebook Fan Page.