A Puppy Surprise!

Eight weeks ago our neighbors had a whole slew of black lab puppies.  They breed their dogs and then sell the puppies at a decent price which gives them extra money they can save away for their kid’s college funds.

About a month ago, my neighbor (Michelle) told Weslea that if she could get her mom to agree (that would be me) she would give Weslea a puppy for free.


So, I began reevaluating my plans to wait until spring to get our puppy.  If we got the puppy now, I would be doing 95% of the work since the kids are in school all day…but the puppy would be free which would save us a lot of money.  One of my requirements for any dog we might get was that it needed to be a bigger dog.  I did not want a little, yappy dog.  A black lab definitely was on my list of dogs I wouldn’t mind having if we ever got one.


I was leaning towards giving in, but I think having Sheye Rosemeyer as the Guest Photographer Judge for I Faces was what really made me decide that I needed to let Weslea have her puppy.  If you have never read Sheye’s blog and learned about the terribly brief life of her beautiful daughter, Ava, do yourself a favor and head over there today.  The heartbreak that they have experienced has really been an influence on so many to savor the little things in life and appreciate what you do have to the fullest.


I started to think about “wonder if the unthinkable did happen to one of my kids?” Just like the unthinkable happened to Sheye when she least expected it to.  I knew that if something did happen, I would have terrible regrets about not allowing my children to experience the joy of having their own beloved pet just because I personally didn’t want to have to deal with taking care of a dog.

Besides, Traitor Daddy had already told the kids that he was fine with us getting a puppy.  And that the final decision was “up to mommy.”

So, I gave in and decided that it would be her big birthday surprise.

Since the day that the kids were allowed to start holding the puppies and then began playing with them, Weslea attached herself to one particular puppy that our neighbors had named “Aurora” (after the princess in Sleeping Beauty.)  Week after week after week, Weslea would beg and plead that Aurora needed her and she needed Aurora.  Please, please, please, please, pleeeeeaaaaassssseeeee?!?!?!?


After enduring Weslea’s begging for years now, I figured that it was only fair that I play a trick on her for her birthday surprise.  Bwahahahahaha!!!

I usually pick the kids up from school, but yesterday I had them ride the bus home so that they wouldn’t see the puppy.  I then let my evil plan unfold…

Breaking the Puppy News… from I Heart Faces on Vimeo


We then moved on to the second part of my plan.  I love being able to see the exact moment when she realized just exactly who Aurora’s new owner was going to be.  🙂

The Puppy Surprise on Vimeo.

“Aurora” is no longer named Aurora.  She now has a name that we feel fits in with our family a bit better.

Does anyone want to guess what it might be?