A Halloween “Fix-It”


I have participated in a Fix-It Friday over at I ♥ Faces in quite awhile…I found that I couldn’t resist this week’s photo though.  This cute little girl was photographed by her mom (my friend Dana) for Halloween and I thought she was adorable!

Original Straight-Out-Of-Camera Shot:

Fix-It #34 - Dana Suggs

This little girl’s legs made me laugh so hard.  My daughter, Weslea, always has banged up shins as well.  Some of my kids are “head knockers” (always have a bruise on their face) and some are “knee knockers”, but Weslea was always a “shin knocker.”  🙂

Camera RAW:

This was my fix just after taking it into Camera RAW.  It’s amazing what a difference you can make in your photos just by learning how to use Camera RAW (and yes, you can edit jpg’s in Camera RAW too!)

Angie’s Basic Edit and B&W:

Here is my Basic Edit using The Pioneer Woman’s free sets of actions (mainly Boost, Fresh & Colorful, Bring Out The Eyes and Slight Sharpen):

And then an edit using my very favorite B&W action from TRA (it has a “bad” name so I’ll just let you go to their website to see it.  lol!)  TRA has the very best B&W actions I have ever seen.  I love them all!

My Favorite:
One of my favorite edits ended up using an action from a set called “Courtney’s Photoshop Actions.”  Unfortunately this action set is no longer available.  I softened the edges by using TRA’s “Vignette & Blur (Fast)”:


Thank you for sharing your photo with us today Dana!