A Busy October

October has just seemed to fly by this year and the past few weeks have been incredibly busy here at The Arthur Clan.

We celebrated Weslea’s 9th birthday…
birthday collage

With mucho enthusiasm!! birthday B&W

A birthday that resulted in a new member of our family.  An adorable black lab puppy named Willow…


We started the process of finishing our basement and are desperately trying to complete that project as quickly as we can.  It is, unfortunately, a long and very slow process.

So, this October week for me was one of painting, painting…painting some more and then painting even more.

And that was just one room.

A full of week of painting for mom equals just about the worst week of the year for us to add a potty-training puppy into the mix.

We’ve sat through Saturday after Saturday of soccer games…

Four kids in soccer and unusually cold temps equals a combination that is just not fair.

We’ve watched my favorite season of fall disappear almost as soon as it got here.  (Darn rain!)

And now I’m scouring the internet for wedding photography inspiration.  My sister, Andrea, and I will be shooting our third wedding tomorrow.

Thank goodness there are a lot of fabulous photographers out there that provide constant inspiration!  🙂 

I’m still very, very nervous though.

How has your October been?