Wedding: The Shoes

When it came time to photograph my sister-in-law’s beautiful shoes, I knew that I wanted to incorporate the windows in the sanctuary somehow. But…the only “stand” I could find in the vicinity were the somewhat utilitarian chairs that everyone would be sitting on…and they just weren’t making the photographer in me very happy.
shoes6 - 70's
I didn’t like the fact that the chairs were somewhat rounded (so the shoes kept slipping all over the place), they were a bit too low (so the shoes weren’t right up by the window) and that the molding around the window was featured so prominently in the photos.

I finally had the grand idea that maybe I could move one of the pretty pedestal thingies down from the stage area of the sanctuary and use that as my stand instead. shoes3
After gaining permission, we moved one of them and suddenly I was a very, very happy photographer!

I love how the the window reflected into the glass top of the table to almost give these photos a seamless quality. LOVED it.
shoes5 - pink nostalgia VB
shoes1 - VB
shoes4 - overlay gold VB
shoes2 - 70's
I have never “posed” shoes in my life, and I have to say…it’s a lot more difficult than it looks!

How can I not mention Kathy’s dress? Her beautiful, elegant, gorgeous dress…oh my…

I wish I could go back 16 years and wear that dress at my own wedding. Just beautiful.
details16 - 70's VB

And the sanctuary again. I really loved that sanctuary. Every time I took a photo in there, it struck me that all the focus in the room always went up to the simple cross they had hanging in the front of the sanctuary.
details15 - 70's
details14 - S&F

And I couldn’t help but think that it was a very fitting start to their Christian marriage…