Wedding: Capturing The Details

On the morning of my brother’s wedding (when I fretting and stewing over my hair dilemma) it finally hit me…I should be in the sanctuary taking photos of the little details! Duh…

So, off I went. And, as soon as I picked up my camera, my anxiety was pretty much gone and I began to get really excited about their big day.

My brother and his wife attend a massively huge church (when we pulled up to the church for Kathy’s shower in August, my niece exclaimed “I didn’t know Uncle Jon went to church at a mall!”) Because the sanctuary is so large, the church also has a smaller sanctuary that is used for weddings and other special events. I loved this room so much!
details1 details4
The above photos are a realistic representation of the soft, subtle colors that you could find in the sanctuary and in Kathy’s decorations. She wanted her wedding to be simple and elegant and I think she nailed it!

For the rest of the photos I’m going to show today, I decided to edit them a bit differently. Kathy and Jon will receive both versions of the photos, but I just have to share that I am a bit giddy about something.

Actually, not a little bit giddy…but a WHOLE LOT giddy.

One of my very favorite photographers ever, Sheye Rosemeyer, is going to be our Guest Photographer Judge for I Faces next week!!! Can you tell I’m a bit ecstatic about that?! In honor of her upcoming week of judging, the rest of these photos were edited using an action called “Pale Berry” from her Eye Candy set of Photoshop actions.
details2 - PB
details5 - PB
details6 - VB   PB
details7 - PB
details8 - PB
details9 - PB
My very favorite part of the sanctuary was the windows. I can’t even describe how gorgeous the windows were…they looked like they were almost hand-painted and etched at the same time. And they lined both sides of the sanctuary letting in beautiful light for the entire day.

This is a not-so-good photo of one of them, but wait until my next post…these windows made the photos of Kathy’s shoes AMAZING. I’m telling you, those shoe photos were probably my favorites shots of the day! I’m not sure how many photos of Kathy’s shoes they are going to want (or need!), but they’re going to get a bunch of them. 🙂


I think capturing the small details is the best…no stress and they always end up looking beautiful.