The Great Tomato Fight of 2009

Not that you didn’t think we were weird before, but now you have definite proof that we are about as weird as it gets.

About five years ago, Sweatiepy decided to grow a garden. And in his garden, he planted about one bazillion tomato plants, which was a little bit excessive considering the fact that he is the only one in our family who even likes tomatoes.

Needless to say, at the end of the summer we had an extreme overabundance of tomatoes left over in his garden…which were all rotting on the vine.

That was when he invented “The Great Arthur Tomato Fight.”
a - collage2

That year’s fight started without any planning. He just “happened” to throw a tomato at one of the kids. They got into the spirit of things and started throwing them back. And then there was an all-out war.

And tomatoes ended up ALL OVER MY PORCH.

I was an unhappy mama.

The next year, they were informed that “if even one tomato came anywhere near any part of the house…they were in big, BIG trouble.”

They did great with that, but after their tomato fight was over, I realized that they were all wearing their good clothes (as opposed to the stained-up clothes we designate as “play” clothes in this household) and there was one major grumpy mama again.

The next year, they all wore play clothes and kept the tomatoes away from the house…but I wasn’t home when “The Great Arthur Tomato Fight” occurred. Which meant that I came home and found a huge, stinky pile of tomato-stained clothes waiting for me in the garage. The very hot garage. It was very stinky. Ugh.

a - collage1

We now have very specific rules for “The Great Arthur Tomato Fight” and this was the first year that they were all followed. I was such a happy mama!

And a mom that had tons of fun laughing hysterically over the kids antics this year (“The Kids” would be Sweatiepy, Will, Weslea, Wyatt, Weston and the three neighbor boys who decided to join in the fun.) Have you ever seen anything so crazy?!

I think every household should have their own Great Tomato Fight every year!

P.S. Did you notice that one little guy distinctly resembled someone from “The Simpsons” TV show in all of these photos? My poor son, Wyatt, got stung by a bee on the INSIDE of his upper lip on Saturday. He spent the rest of the weekend dealing with a “big lip” that looked as weird as all get out. I’ve just decided that if anything strange is going to happen to one of the kids, it’s gonna be poor Wyatt that it will happen to.