The Big Difference

I found that there were a lot of differences between being a “Groomsmaid” and a “Bridesmaid.”

On the morning/afternoon of Jon and Kathy’s wedding I did a lot of trotting back and forth between their rooms and the differences became apparent rather quickly. 

The ladies room is full of pretty girls touching up their makeup, oohing and aahing over the bride and her beautiful dress, lamenting the fact that their fancy shoes were hurting their feet already, etc.  Basically a room that is organized and calm.

The men’s room is full of guys who wait until the very last minute to get dressed (and expect you to be comfortable in there while they are still in their boxers), a groom who is trying to gather his thoughts before he writes a note to his lovely bride, a lot of goofing off, *possibly* some rude hand gestures for my camera and…did I say a lot of goofing off??  Basically a room full of fun, laughter and goofiness.

There is one really, really BIG difference between being a “Bridesmaid” and a “Groomsmaid” though…

Bridesmaids pose very pretty for the professional photographer:

Groomsmaids have to jump:

‘Nuff said.

(All images were taken by the professional photographer – Dottie Christensen Photography in Columbus, OH.)