First & Lasts.

This week has been a week of exciting “firsts” for one little boy in our family and some nostalgic “lasts” for his mommy.

Weston’s first soccer game!weston1

Which was my last time to deal with the little crabby boy at games who was wishing that he was playing soccer instead of sitting there watching his brothers and sisters instead.


Our last day together as just mommy and “baby.” We celebrated together at Mickey D’s.weston collage

Weston’s first day of school…



My first time to see this little guy run down the driveway to wait for the bus…


Which meant it was also my first time to watch all four kids tease each other and fight while waiting for the bus…



And my first time in eleven years to have several hours to myself while the kids are all at school.


Contrary to popular opinion…I haven’t been lonely one bit and I have very much been enjoying my alone time. 🙂

And my house is actually somewhat clean again.

Will wonders never cease…