“Contemplative” & Pets Photo Challenge

“Contemplative” Photo Entry:

I Heart Faces Contemplative

I was shooting an engagement session for my brother and his fiancee, when I just happened to luck into snapping this shot. One of my absolutely favorites of him. It creeps me out a bit to say this, but I think he might even be considered hot in this one. 😉

(YUCK! “Hot” and “brother” should not be used in the same sentence!)

You’ll probably be hearing a lot more about my baby brother here on my blog real soon. His much-anticipated wedding is going to be this weekend! It just about blows me over to think that my little brother (who just happens to be 10 years younger than me and is somehow almost a foot taller than me) will be tying the knot in just a few days. I am feeling so old right about now…

“Pets” Photo Entry:

I Heart Faces Pets

The neighbor’s puppies continue to kill my self-resolve.

See. Angie’s. Resolve. Slipping. Away

Quick! Someone remind me…why don’t I want a puppy in this house?? (Please include words like “poop”, “licking”, “chewing”, “dirty paws”, “ruined furniture”, etc. They might help strengthen my resolve.)

Sigh…even the hubby has turned against me. He now wants a puppy too…