“Completely Candid” Photo Challenge

I have been virtually non-existent in the blogging world for the past two weeks…mainly because I was going completely crazy preparing for several big events around here…

  • Preparing for work to start on our now unfinished basement which will soon be a wonderful, completely finished area for our family to hang out in together. Unfortunately for me, this space was completely jam-packed full of 15 years worth of junk that I needed to go through before the work could begin.


  • Getting everything ready for us to leave to attend my “baby” brother’s wedding.

I was not the official photographer for my brother’s wedding. Believe it or not, I didn’t even get my feelings hurt about that either. Because…instead of being the photographer for the wedding, I was actually in the wedding party instead! And it would have been a bit difficult hiding my camera behind my beautiful bouquet of calla lilies that I was carrying around for the entire day. 🙂

Jon and Kathy did ask me to help capture some of the moments that the official photographer would not be able to photograph though. Things like the bride and groom (and their attendants) getting ready before the ceremony, the rehearsal party, part of the reception after the photographer left…and…the first moment when my brother and his wife saw each other that day.

Like a lot of brides and grooms nowadays, they decided to have most of the formal group shots taken before the ceremony. This meant that they themselves would see each other several hours before the actual ceremony began. This gave me the unique privilege of being there to capture the exact moment that they saw each other for the first time before they took their vows.


Even a few days after the ceremony has passed…that moment still lingers in my memory and still brings tears to my eyes.

One of the most incredibly touching, poignant, beautiful candid moments I’ve ever been a part of as a photographer.

I congratulate them both on the amazing journey they have now begun together…

**As a co-founder of I Faces, I can’t win the weekly photo challenges. I just enter for the fun and inspiration!**