“Blue” Photo Challenge

My Poor Little Weston On His Very “Blue” Day:

When Amy and I began scheduling the photo challenge themes for this fall, I immediately knew which photo I would use for the theme of “blue.”

I don’t usually blog about anything “bad” that my kids do…but I made an exception last April when my littlest guy was battling a terrible case of poison ivy.  The poor child had poison ivy all over him…but it especially covered his face (and was really close to his eye) so he had been prescribed a medication that the doctor had described in this way…”Don’t be too concerned if you notice a slight personality change.  That’s completely normal and will go away once he is finished taking his medication.”

Slight personality change?  My little boy went from a typical, normal, ornery little boy to a mood-changing, hysterical mess of a stinker.  While I felt terrible for him, his completely uncontrollable outbursts got so ridiculous that I found myself wanting to hide in the bathroom to alternate between crying in frustration and then laughing myself silly from the craziness of it all.

If you can handle the drama, you can click here to read more about his “terrible, no-good, very bad day” which was actually hysterically funny (in a very sad way)…if you weren’t him.  I took so many “blue” photos that day that I could have posted 20 of them in this post if I weren’t following the I ♥ Faces guidelines.  🙂

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