“Back to School” Photo Challenge

The photos in this week’s photo entry probably won’t be new to most of you..the theme is “Back to School” and these have all been featured recently on my blog and in my I Faces “Back to School” Tutorial that was posted several weeks ago.

But, they are some of my favorites that I’ve taken lately…and that makes it fun to bring them back for a day.

“Back to School” Photo Challenge Entry:
weston6This photo was taken on Weston’s first day of Kindergarten and his first day of ever being able to ride on the school bus (something he was very excited about!) As I saw the bus coming up the hill towards our house I thought of the idea for this photo and began frantically trying to get all of the kids to line up for the shot (so much for casual, spontaneous photography…this one was totally posed. lol!)

You’ll notice that faces aren’t showing in this shot…so technically if I was able to be a contender for the challenges this shot wouldn’t win. It is the perfect shot for our family though so I decided to be a rebel and use it anyway! 🙂
“Back to School” Collage Entry:
collage3 - nostalgia This week I Faces is also having a “Back to School Collage” photo challenge. It is a non-competition challenge, which makes it even more fun.
I have not had two seconds to even think about processing the photos I took of the boys on the first day of school, so I’m bringing back this collage of Weslea. I just love all the little details that you can capture on this very exciting, special day!
What are you waiting for…head on over to I Faces and join in the fun!