Us vs. The Railroad

Last week I had the opportunity to head out for an fun “Photography Drive” with my sister, Drew, and our friend, Kim. Kim and Drew knew each other years ago when they were in high school together and reconnected last year on Facebook. Kim and I then became friends as well…mainly because we figured out through Facebook that we both were obsessed with photography.

alisha10 - b b&w

Our goals for this Photography Drive were to scout out new, unique shooting locations and to practice posing with our “models” – Kim’s beautiful teenage daughter (Alisha), my daughter (Weslea) and my niece (Caryn.)


alisha1 - urban

We decided to head out to these abandoned railroad cars that were just down the road from Dale & Shari’s house (Dale and Shari are Drew’s father and mother-in-law.) These railroad cars have been sitting empty on a sidetrack for YEARS. They have literally been completely abandoned with no one paying attention to them for years.


We made the decision to ride 4-wheelers over to the location since it would have been quite a walk from Dale & Shari’s house. As soon as we arrived, Alisha started modeling for us and we had a ball trying out new poses and ideas.


The fun lasted until we saw a white truck turn into the narrow gravel path that we had driven down that went alongside the railroad track.


You know those trucks, right? The ones that have the railroad company emblem emblazoned on the side of them? The ones that can go on the special things so they can ride right down the railroad track to fix things on them?

alisha7-funkyvintage - V&B

girls6-b b&w

Yes, one of those trucks was driving right towards us.

Drew, Weslea, Caryn, Alisha, Alisha’s boyfriend and I pretty much panic. Okay, let’s just be honest here…we completely panic. We start trying to run back to our 4-wheelers…some of us actually sprinting to get back to them and others of us trying to walk as fast as we can while still looking cool and casual (that would be me…feel free to just call me Ms. “Cool & Casual”, Sweaty, Freaking Out Angie.)


Only, it doesn’t help to run anywhere when you are at the end of the gravel path and there is absolutely no where that you can go! We are spazzing out by this time…the little girls are yelling that they don’t want to get in trouble and that they really don’t want to go to jail. I’m pretty much hyperventilating and trying not to look at the guys in the truck who are probably laughing hysterically at all of us running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

alisha2 - b b&w

Thankfully, we had Kim with us (Alisha’s mom and our fellow photographer.) Kim who is now also known as “Mrs. Brave, Strong and Courageous Kim.”

girls3 - b b&w

As the rest of us tried to pretend that there wasn’t a railroad truck f
ull of railroad workers right behind us, Kim marched up right to the window and basically said “Can we help you?”

girls1 - urban - V&B girls13-SE b&w

Mrs. Brave, Strong & Courageous Kim then proceeded to flirt her way out of us getting in trouble for being on a railroad track.

girls4 - courtneys B&W

And even got special permission for us to head on over to another set of railroad cars to continue shooting there!


When the big, scary, railroad men finally left…we pretty much laughed ourselves silly with relief over our brief “brush with the law.”


I swear…are we the only ones who get ourselves in trouble like this?! I’m beginning to think that photography is dangerous to my health. lol!


I can say one thing though…shooting photos in old, abandoned railroad cars is one pretty awesome experience.


Especially when you don’t end up getting arrested for doing so. 😉

{Be sure to head on over to Drew’s blog and Kim’s blog to see their photos from that day. We are all posting our photos sometime throughout the day so that we can see just how unique all of our shots turned out. Pretty neat, huh?}