"Nostalgia" Photo Challenge

Our challenge at I ♥ Faces this week was to post a photo that would bring a nostalgic feeling back to us (and it had to have a face in it of course!)

I really thought about this theme for a long time. My original plan was to take a photo of Weslea holding one of her baby dolls who would be dressed in the hand-crocheted baby outfit that my Grandma June made for me when I was a baby. My mom gave it to Weslea a few years ago and she loves it! The only problem…we couldn’t find the dang outfit. Arghhh!!

Then I remembered my Grandma’s desk. When I was a little girl, I was fascinated with Grandma’s desk. My Grandpa had been the postmaster for their very small town and the post office was run from the front room of their home for quite some time. He died when I was a baby, but Grandma then ran her own store out of that front room…she sold hand-crafted items that she had made and other items that she would sell on consignment. Grandpa’s old desk was then used by my Grandma to hold all of her paperwork, receipts, rubber bands, paper clips, pens and any other items she needed. I loved that desk, with all it’s awesome nooks and crannies, so much.

My Grandma passed away several years ago at the age of 99. She had always been an extremely active, healthy woman…on the go for most of her life. It was very difficult to see her fade and decline in the last two years of her life. When it came time for her to pass, we all knew that it was better for her to be able to go on to a better place where there would be no more pain. I miss her with all of my heart though.

In my Grandma’s later years, we would go to visit her and she would always say things like “When I die, I hope I go in my sleep. I think that would be the best way to go.” or “When I die, is there anything of mine that you would like to have Angie?” I just have to say, that would completely freak me out every time she would talk like that! The last thing I wanted to think of was a time when my Grandma would be gone.

One year, mom told us that when Grandma asked us if we wanted something of hers, we should all mention at least one thing in her home that we would like to have since it would make Grandma feel good to know that we treasured the things she had known and loved all her life. When that time came, my request was for her old desk.

{Small side note…I didn’t realize when we made up this theme that it would make me cry the whole time I was writing the post! Holy schmoly…}

My daughter, Weslea, is now the proud owner of Grandma’s desk. It has been painted and given a crackled finish…and we will probably repaint it whenever Weslea’s room decor changes again. Every nook and cranny is filled with Weslea’s treasures (hand-painted ceramics, seashells, a huge rusty nail from the railroad, pretty rocks, her camera) and is used almost daily for one of her greatest loves…drawing.

wessie3 (Weslea’s doggie picture that she is drawing in this photo says the following: “Mom…if I keep my room clean for at least seven days, will you please get me a puppy?”)

I think it would make Grandma very happy to know that her great-granddaughter loved her old desk so much…and that it was being put to such good use.

I know I love her even more for entrusting it to our care.