My Story in Photos: The Summer Edition

This is the first week of the month, so it’s going to be a “just for fun” one over at I Faces and is the one when Amy and I (co-founders of I Faces) will be taking a “vacation” from some of the work we do over there as well. Yay!!

It’s a non-competition week, but we’re still having a lot of fun by sharing our photos for the “My Story In Photos: Summer Edition” feature.

And what says “summer” better than “ice cream”?!?


While we were on our vacation to Northern Michigan, I think we ate ice cream almost every day.


Oh my word…they had some of the best ice cream ever up there.


Everywhere we went, the kids and I were on the lookout for one of the little ice cream shops that seemed to be all over the place. My dear hubby, Sweatiepy, was fairly tolerant of our obsession and usually gave into our begging to stop and get a treat.


Daddy isn’t into “treats” so much (which would explain why the now 40-year-old Old Fart is so dang skinny!), but he did indulge one time. Yes…ONE time during the whole entire week we were gone he ate an ice cream cone.

Don’t you just hate it when you are sitting there downing your 16th ice cream cone of the trip and your skinny husband just sits there and watches you get fatter while he casually sips his bottled water? I’m telling you, it’s really not natural for a husband to do that…as a matter of fact, I’m here to tell you that it’s just plain wrong! If I’m diligently working to get fatter, he should be getting fatter right along with me!

While my “vacation tradition” seems to be eating ice cream cones as often as possible, Sweatiepy does have one “vacation tradition” of his own: The Arthur Clan On Vacation = Daddy Doesn’t Shave For A Week.


For me, the best part of stopping for ice cream on this particular night wasn’t the large chunks of peanut butter in my ice cream (although they were super-yummy!)

Nope, the best part for me was the absolutely perfect, late evening, slightly overcast sky that gave me the most awesome light to practice shooting in. It captured the skin tones and those brown eyes perfectly. I was in photographer heaven.









Of course, the night is made even more special when you have “Sweatiepy II” in your group. As you can see, Will is following along in his dad’s path very well.


On a mommy sidenote: Will is celebrating his 11th birthday today! Sometimes I can’t even fathom how it came to be that we have an 11-year-old, getting-ready-to-be-taller-than-his-mom, boy in our home now…it really seems like he should still be toddling around on his chubby little baby legs that are sticking out under his little diaper butt. It’s incredible to think of the wonderful young man he is turning into.

I love you buddy….Happy Birthday Will!