I Hope You Dance…

One of the highlights of Jenna’s shoot (for me) was when I found out that she was a ballerina. I’ve never shot any type of ballerina photos before, so I knew this would be a great learning experience for me.

324 - nostalgia - vignette

Our plan was to go to the small town where Bill works and find some great places to shoot around there (you might remember that area from way back when I shot my first set of photos for Chelsey.)

348 - nostalgia

If there is one thing I can say about my husband’s company, it’s that they go all out on keeping up the grounds around all of their buildings – the entire complex of buildings and the surrounding landscape is gorgeous.


Our original plan was to shoot the ballerina photos in the white gazebo that is in the circle in the middle of town. Then we began to realize that everyone and their mother was eating lunch out that day (since it was such a beautiful day) and most of them were eating in the gazebo.

343 - nostalgia

At that point I remembered a little garden behind one of the buildings and decided to head that way instead. It presented challenges because a) it was a teeny-tiny spot and a bit difficult to maneuver around in and angle my shots the right way and b) it was private property…lol! I figured that if they came to ask me why I was there I’d just pull out Bill’s VIP name.

When I mentioned that bit of information to Bill later that night he gave me the “look of death.” I guess that’s not going to be an appropriate excuse if I ever get approached by security there.

335 - awesome b&w

I just have to say….I’m really, really, really glad that I didn’t get approached by security. I’m fairly certain I’d be in the hospital right now from the heart attack that would have ensued.


Here are some other shots from the ballerina portion of our shoot:

340 - nostalgia - vignette

362 - nostalgia - vignette

362 - awesome B&W - vignette

346 - nostalgia

320 - nostalgia

I think I want to be a Ballerina Photographer when I grow up!