Floating Bubbles.

“Bubbles float high and bubbles float low,

Bubbles filled with love wherever they go.

So reach out and grab one, it’s my love to you

This is the way I bid you adieu.

Adieu, adieu, adieu to you;

So reach out and grab one, it’s my love to you.”

~ Anonymous

The “Bubbles” challenge that was presented by I ♥ Faces this week gave me a chance to work on trying to achieve a good vintage/seventies/nostalgia feel to my photos.

What I really learned was that I need to keep working on it. I tried a ton of different Photoshop action combinations on my photos and wasn’t real thrilled with very many of them. I would love to learn how better accomplish this look…{sigh.}

This was my very favorite “Bubbles” photo but since there were only two bubbles in it I decided not to use it for my entry. I just love, love, love the look on Wessie’s beautiful face…and the field of wildflowers around her….and her arms spread out… and the big bubble right in front of her face. Love it!


Here are some others that turned out “okay”…the shots themselves were just okay (not great) and I don’t really like the look I ended up with. I really need to keep working on this “nostalgia” thing.


b6-honeychildb8 b9 - SR dandelion

And, one of my very favorite shots of the day had absolutely nothing to do with bubbles. It just had to do with those gorgeous brown eyes and the perfect lighting I found in the shade beside our home.

This version used a toned-down application of Pioneer Woman’s “Seventies” action:

b10 - 70's

And this version used a toned down version of an action I own called “Nostalgia” (the action I used on my most of the ballerina shots from Jenna’s shoot.) I have no idea where I found this set of actions. I went to google and tried to find it for you all but came up empty-handed. Sorry about that…

b10 - nostalgia

So dreamy! That might have a lot to do with my lovely model though… 🙂