Beth & Kurt…Moments Captured

My entire week has pretty much been spent editing photos from the first wedding I shot way back in May. I had finished some of the photos in June, but had a deadline of today for finishing the rest of them…so I edited, and edited, and edited some more. Over 500 images in all with just my basic edit. And then today I sat down to try to fancy some of them up even more.

I am edited out!

Here are some of the more casual images that caught my eye today. There is no rhyme or reason to the “finishes” each photo has. I was just playing with some of the different Photoshop actions I own to see what looks I could come up with. These images were either taken by myself or my sister, Drew (who helped me shoot the wedding.)

Here’s hoping that I haven’t already shared these before!

Beth & Kurt’s Special Day

10 The matron of honor helping the bride get ready.

11 The flower girl showing off her “goods” (the presents she received from the bride.)

1 The excitement of knowing that “I’m getting married in approximately 30 seconds!”

2The bride and her dad right before they walked down the aisle.

21 During the ceremony.

9 The happiness of the groom. 🙂

12 Little Miss Flower Girl.

13 I love this one and I’m not even sure why!

15 A private moment captured.

19 I think this one was taken by Drew and it makes me wonder “what in the heck was going on??” Too funny…

5 The beautiful bride.

Since the wedding was a fairly casual one, there were a ton of kids there. Drew and I were loving those kids!!





More of the happy couple together…





And now we can end with a funny one. The bride with her silly siblings!


Phew! It’s good to know that I have completely finished Wedding #1 (Beth & Kurt.)

Now I just need to finish Wedding #2 (Angela & James) and then I’ll be ready for Wedding #3 (my brother and his fiancee in September!!) and Wedding #4 (Josh & Paige in October.)

I have a feeling I’m going to be doing a LOT more editing…