“Crazy, Funny, Silly Face” Photo Challenge

Crazy, Funny, Silly Face:

I’m giving up on my good ways and am totally and completely cheating this week. Please do not do as I do!! You won’t be able to win if you do! But since I’m a co-founder of I Faces and can’t win anyway, I’ve chosen this week to cheat because I literally almost wet my pants when I saw this set of photos in one of my folders tonight.

My two sisters and I all had our little boys (who are currently 5-years-old) within two months of each other…it is such fun to see them grow up together now! For one of my nephew’s birthdays this year, my sister invited the other two boys to go on a real live train ride with him for his big birthday event. He is OBSESSED with trains so it was the perfect birthday for him.

After riding the train…we arrived at our stop, ate a picnic lunch, devoured birthday cupcakes and then found a train car sitting on an inactive, side track that was there just for kids to climb all over. Our boys loved it!

While they were crawling all over the train cab, one of us (I’m pretty sure it was my sister, Drew) came up with the nutty idea (and this is where you are going to think we are all a bunch of sickos) that we should have the kids lay on the track in front of this train and pretend that they were getting run over by it. Yes, I know that sounds bad…but dagnabbit! It was hysterical!

My son, Weston, was all over that idea and really hammed it up for the camera. If it wasn’t for this week’s theme though, I might have totally forgotten about these photos forever. And, oh my stinkin’ heck…I would have missed out on the laugh of a lifetime.

Here we go…a series of photos that I’ll title “I’ve Been Working On The Railroad”:


This one was my favorite one though (and the one I would officially enter if I was only showing off one photo):


How can you not laugh at that?! I think he was having way too much fun with his “assignment.”


We’re also having a “Just for Fun” Pets category this week. My entry will have to be the infamous bullfrog that scared the living heck out of me this past May when it tried to jump out of the box we had it in for an impromptu “show-and-tell” trip to school. I totally screamed like a girl in front of Weslea’s teacher. It had to have been one of the most embarrassing events of my life!

But man, it was such a cool subject to photograph!


This week is all about fun over at I ♥ Faces…come and join us!