Wedding Day Drama.

I was privileged to be the photographer for the wedding of my pastor’s daughter, Angie, last week. I am in the midst of editing all billion of the photos, so I’ve pretty much got wedding on the brain right now.

For both of the weddings I’ve shot, I have been so lucky to get two completely laid back, relaxed, wonderful, beautiful brides…the complete opposite of most brides you hear about on television shows.

At this particular wedding, the flower girl was the niece of the bride.

FG8 - 70's

And she was beyond adorable.


I seriously could have taken photos of her all day long…she was that cute.

But she also was very, very young. And she ended up causing one of the biggest wedding day “disasters” I’ve ever seen.


You see, about 10 minutes before the wedding began her mama came into the little room where everyone was getting ready and put a light coating of lipstick on this little cutie.

Her mom then left the room to go into the sanctuary where she needed to get ready to play the piano while the bride walked down the aisle.

None of us knew that the little one had lipstick on and by the time we turned around and noticed her, she had wiped her hands all over her lips and then smeared her lipstick all over her beautiful white dress.

Lipstick that the mom didn’t know was actually lip STAINING lipstick.


Oh my goodness! By the time we (somewhat) got her cleaned up, her mom was sobbing she was so upset…which, in turn, caused the little flower girl to have a meltdown…which made all of us feel so sad for both of them.

And through it all, the bride just laughed and kept saying “it’s not a big deal…don’t worry about it…she looks beautiful…everything’s going to be fine!”

FG15 - B&W

I don’t think I have a “bridezilla/perfectionist” personality in most cases, but I think even I would have gotten upset about something like that happening at my wedding. I was so impressed by the way the bride handled the whole situation so beautifully…and took away all of the stress for the mom and the little girl.


She was an incredibly beautiful bride…in more way than one.

{Since I have “wedding on the brain”, I’m sure I’ll be posting more images throughout the week as I finish editing them.}