Uber-Coolness Galore.

Last week, my sister (Janine) invited my kids to attend the Vacation Bible School that her church was hosting for all the children in the area.

My kids were very excited to attend and I was very excited to have them attend. Two and a half hours to myself every single night of the week?! Woo-hoo!!

I continued being excited about this right up until I received a phone call in my very first hour to myself on Monday night that went like this “Will isn’t feeling well at all…we think you probably better come pick him up.”

The poor kid was miserable. We were fearful of heat exhaustion, dehydration or even a possible heat stroke from the way he was acting. After eventually making a run to the Emergency Room, we found out that he was just in the middle of a terrible, horrible virus. A quick-running virus, but an awful one none-the-less.

“The Virus” quickly ran through Will…then me (this would be why I know how horrible it was)…then my sister and her three kids…my mom…and then my other sister and her three children.

Yes, I am surprised that any of them will talk to me any longer.

By Friday evening, everyone was feeling better so I packed the kids up for the huge Vacation Bible School closing program and festival!! Free hot dogs, sno-cones, cotton candy, popcorn and bouncy rooms were available to all. I was a bit concerned about keeping track of all the kids in the huge mass of children that were attending, but it didn’t take me long to realize that I just had to keep checking one particular line and lo-and-behold, there were the kids!

Because, you see, the highlight of the night was a massively long, amazing, super-cool water slide. And that was the only place that my kids wanted to be.

My sister’s church sports an insanely steep hill behind it where the workers had laid out huge rolls of plastic sheeting, run tons of water down it and then had teenage helpers slide down it first squirting baby shampoo on it the whole way down. It was a slip little booger and The Main Attraction of the night.

The kids would start off in the super-huge line waiting patiently for their turn…and then the fun would begin. Get ready….get set…






The following photo shows off one half of the slide. I was standing in the middle of the hill at this point so Weston still had half the hill to go before he was finished. Can you even imagine how fun this was for them?!



Yep…they were LOVING it!



They loved it right until about 10 minutes before we left for home when Wyatt came up to me complaining “I don’t feel so good mommy…my tummy hurts really, really bad.”

And then we went home to deal with a bunch of other kiddos who came down with “The Virus.” I think I got a grand total of five hours of sleep last week. {sigh}

At least the kiddos had fun for awhile though…I just wish that I could have had a turn!