Our Arrival At Northern Michigan.

On the first day of my hubby’s “I’ve Just Turned 40 So We’re Going On A Vacation Of My Choice” Vacation, we pulled into the driveway and got our first look at the cottage we had rented to stay in for the duration of our visit to Northern Michigan.


Even though the cottage was very simple, there were many reasons why we chose to stay there: the location was gorgeous; we had our own space for the week; there was a yard for the kids to play in; we were super-close to Lake Michigan; an amazing view…the list just goes on and on.

On the flip side, there were a few bad things about our new temporary home: no dishwasher (which meant that Angie was the official dishwasher); no air conditioning (which ended up not mattering at all because Northern Michigan stays comfortably mild in the middle of July); very sporadic internet (this was very painful indeed); and no clothes washer and dryer.

The lack of a washer and dryer was horrendous. Note To Self: Since you know you have six people’s laundry to wash every single day of your life, never, ever rent a home without a washer and dryer ever again.

Truly, it would take a lot more than those few problems to make us not be happy with our new home though, because there was so much to make up for those little inconveniences.

Our cottage was located right on Lake Platte and the view from our back door was so pretty…


We had our own dock!


And we had our own little boat that we could use for the week…


The best part was that the water outside our cottage was absolutely crystal clear, full of shells and only went up to the kid’s knees for a good 200 feet out into the lake. Even beyond that, the water didn’t get higher than their waists for another 100 feet or so. It was wonderful and safe. The perfect location.



That boat was so much fun for our family throughout the week. That boat is also the sole reason that I have an incredibly funny memory that I plan to write about tomorrow involving a certain dramatic little boy named Wyatt. That boy sure can make a person laugh themselves silly!

For now though, I’ll just sit here staring at these photos wishing that I was still back on Bill’s “I’ve Just Turned 40 So We’re Going On A Vacation Of My Choice” Vacation because it sure ended up being an incredibly wonderful vacation for a certain mom in the household as well.