My Story In Photos: Patriotic Edition

This week at I Faces, Amy and I are enjoying our second week off this summer. That means that this week is a non-competition week…one in which we have fun sharing our “Story In Photos” visiting each other to read a bit about what “Patriotic” means to each of us.
Every year at the 4th of July, we traditionally go to visit my brother and my sister-in-law (Jeff and Danielle) where they live in northeastern NJ. We love visiting them…not only because we enjoy seeing them so much, but also because the area they live in is so beautiful and there are so many awesome places to visit while we are there.
This year my brother was out-of-town for most of this week so Danielle and I decided to have a “Girls-Only” weekend that ended up including me, Danielle, my daughter (Weslea), my mom and my niece (Caryn.)
And on Sunday (after Jeff returned home from his trip), we spent the day in one of our very favorite places to visit…New York City.


Which was incredible because one image that comes to my mind when I think of freedom and patriotic pride is the amazing Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately for us, yesterday was the first day that the Statue of Liberty’s crown was re-opened to the public since 9-11. Due to that, we skipped visiting her and instead took the free (imagine that…something free in NYC!) ferry to Staten Island. This took us right past the Statue of Liberty, provided great photo ops and kept us from wasting hours trying to get on a ferry directly to the statue.



This is how crazy I am…since I knew that this week’s theme was “Patriotic”, I spent part of our day at NYC specifically looking for patriotic things to photograph…




Every visit we make to NYC, we make a point to visit the site of the Twin Towers tragedy which is in the process of reconstruction right now. May we never forget…


NYC really was a wonderful place to be for the July 4th weekend and it was made better by being there with some of the people I love most…




Now I can’t wait to head back home to the other people in my life that I love most in life. In just a few hours we’ll be packing up the car to head on back to Ohio to reunite with those crazy boys that we love so much. 🙂

Girls-Only weekends are the best though…even when they are hijacked by a boy along the way.

I hope you’re weekend was pretty special as well!