My Recipe Box at Tasty Kitchen

Several weeks ago, Amy and I were contacted by Ree Drummond from The Pioneer Woman. She had our email address from back when she was a Guest Photographer Judge for I Faces and she wrote to ask if we’d like to be a TSBT for her new forum she was designing called Tasty Kitchen.

TSBT (of course) stands for “Top Secret Beta Tester.” lol!

tasty kitchen

Ummm….yeah! That sounded super-fun. Although I kind of wondered why she would ask me since it is well known that I am a non-cook. Amy? Yeppers…she’s an amazing cook. Angie? Not so much.

Ree didn’t seem to mind though and has actually set up her forum so that all levels of cooking enthusiasts (or non-enthusiasts in my case) will feel welcome and like they can participate and learn along with everyone else.

After you set up your profile by answering fun, nosy questions (Ree’s description, not mine), you can then immediately begin adding your recipes to your Recipe Box and join the “Fraternal Order of the Mitt.”

Submit A Recipe

Luckily, I had a few recipes that I had taken photos of from back when I was creating all my yummy goodies for Christmas treats. Being part of her forum also spurred me to start cooking some of my favorite recipes just so that I could take photos of them. (Bill and the kids enjoyed that part very much.)

And I now officially have an online Recipe Box of my own!

Angie's Recipe Box

Take a few minutes to stop by this new forum…you’ll be glad you did, even if it means that you’ll gain another 5 pounds or so just by looking at the scrumptious photos. Be sure to add me as your friend after you set up your new account too…I’ll be looking for you over there. 🙂

And thank you Ree for allowing me to try out your site a little early. You’ve created an amazing place for all of us to hang out at! Maybe I’ll even enjoy cooking now…