Meeting Carrie And The Midge!

It’s a little-known fact that my dear old Sweatiepy turned the big 4-0 this month. Yes, my young “Forever 29” self is married to an Old Fart now.

A couple of months ago, he came up to me and informed me that he was going to plan a vacation for our family in celebration of his 40th birthday. That HE was going to pick the location…and HE was going to plan the entire thing…and I was not to give any input because it was HIS birthday vacation.

Sounded good to me!

Bill travels to Michigan quite a bit now for business trips and just completely fell in love with the northern Michigan area. Every time he would return home from one of his trips, he would go on and on about how beautiful it was, how quaint the little towns were, how he’d loved to vacation there sometime in the future, etc. I couldn’t quite picture it because to me, Michigan just seems like it would be a lot like Ohio…but how wrong I was. Northern Michigan is just stunning…the amazing lakes that are everywhere, the rugged beauty of the big lake (Lake Michigan), the sand dunes, the beautiful little towns…I ended up completely falling in love with the area as well (and that’s saying something for a huge Ohio State fan to admit to that!)

I’ll be blogging a lot about our vacation this week, but before I get to that I have to tell you about one of the most exciting parts of the trip for me. Meeting one of my dear blogging friends – Carrie from Oikology 101!!! It ends up that Carrie lives 20 minutes away from my brother (who we stopped to visit during the first night of our vacation) and after tweeting each other back-and-forth, we made an impromptu play date to get together and finally meet each other in person. Yay!!


Carrie is adorable and fun and her blog is one of the most hysterical reads in the blogiverse. If you want to have a good laugh, just take a few moments to read about her Christmas Card from last year, her “Husbands Are Irrititating” post (in which she totally ends up making fun of herself) or her “Meet The Husband” post. I’m laughing just thinking about them! She has been a longtime funny commenter on my site…someone that seems to relate to Sweatiepy’s weird sense of humor and gets a huge kick out of the quirky comments he leaves here from time to time.

And she is also the proud mama of her adorable little gal who is known as “The Midge” on her blog.


The Midge was just absolutely, completely, so stinkin’ cute. My camera loved her…and Weslea loved her as well. Carrie is already talking about hiring Weslea as her nanny for any trips she might have to take with The Midge in the future. lol!


I went a bit crazy with the whole “taking pictures” thing, but thankfully Carrie is a camera obsessed mom herself and didn’t mind a bit.




She was the next best thing to having a little baby girl of my own to hang out with that day!

It was so awesome to meet you Carrie and to know I have a Michigander friend that I’ll be able to hang out with whenever we return to Michigan again. I can’t wait! 🙂

{I now have a prayer request that I’d like to share with all of you. On our trip to Michigan I was supposed to meet up with another longtime blogging friend of mine, Amy from DVM’s Wife’s Life. We have a shared love of photography and have been blogging friends for longer than I can even remember. Our plans to meet up fell through when her vacation with her sister coincided with the dates that we were going to be in Michigan. We were both so sad about that! We talked a bit through Twitter while on our vacations and then when I returned home I received the terrible news that she had been called home from her vacation early when her husband had a seizure and was taken to the hospital. They have since found a mass on his brain and are very concerned that he might have a brain tumor. If you can take a moment to stop by her blog to leave her a note of encouragement or (better yet!) if you will please pray for her family…I know they will appreciate your prayers and kind thoughts very much. As you can imagine, the stress they are under right now is just unbearable for all of them.}