The Joys Of Sisterhood | A Vlog for 3.Bay.B.Chicks

If there are any new people stopping by my blog today, I’d like to take a moment to welcome you to The Arthur Clan! My name is Angie and as a brief introduction…I am a happily married mom of four funny, beautiful kids, a slightly obsessed photographer and one of the co-founders of I ♥ Faces (an online photography sharing forum.)

Some time ago, my sister (Andrea) and I were contacted by the ladies who run the blog Three Bay B Chicks. They host weekly video blogs on their site and they wanted to know if Andrea and I would be willing to participate in an upcoming vlog they would be hosting that was going to be all about “Sisters and Blogging.”

Our first thought was “No way! We don’t want our big mugs in an online video where everyone will be able to see us!!” But, we knew that Three Bay B Chicks really needed another set of sisters to participate and we started thinking that maybe it could be kind of fun…so we decided to go for it. It was really fun to participate in this together since Andrea was the person who really got me hooked on the whole concept of blogging!

And now let’s pause a minute for this public service announcement: If you’d like to watch our video without wanting to pull all of your hair out in frustration, please scroll down to the video right now and push play. After the video starts, push pause and then let the video load while you read the rest of this post and by the time you’re done reading all of my mumbo-jumbo, the video should be just about fully loaded for you. And then you won’t have to go bald.

Here’s some background so you can understand our “vision” behind this video (and I use the term “vision” here very loosely):

  • Andrea and I are just two of five siblings…we are the two most involved in blogging, but we both count all of our siblings as some of our best friends in the world.

  • All of us call Andrea by her nickname “Drew” just as much as we call her by her given name. She is married to her childhood sweetheart, Mark. Despite what you might see in this video, they are very happily married. 🙂 Drew is the technological genius in our family (as you will find out when you watch this video.) She is also a contributor for I Faces, which basically means that she works her butt off trying to help Amy and I make that site as good as it can possibly be. I her a bunch!

  • I am older than Andrea by two years which, of course, means that I was pretty darn good at bossing her around when we were kids.

  • Great linguists, we are not. Talking in front of a video camera, we’re terrible at it. While other bloggers can pull off talky-blogs very well, you would be bored to tears within seconds if we had done that. In fact, the first minute of the video is of us talking and we almost fell asleep watching it! We just ask that you try to get through that first minute and then the good stuff will kick in.

  • For fun, we enlisted two young actresses to re-enact Andrea and myself as children. Young Angie is played by my daughter Weslea (dressed in pink.) Young Andrea is played by our niece, Caryn (dressed in blue.) They both tried to dress up like they were young girls/teens living in the 80’s.
  • Old Angie and Old Andrea were (unfortunately) played by ourselves. I tried to get Angelina Jolie to play my role, but she was busy that night. Imagine that!

  • A long part of our video is a segment towards the end called “Bloopers and Deleted Scenes.” A more appropriate title might have been “The Humiliation of Angie and Andrea.”

Most importantly, we really want to emphasize that in real life when we are hanging out with each other…we spend most of our time laughing our heads off and being complete smart alecks; we like to tease; we enjoy sarcasm very much. Please keep that in mind when you are watching this video because if you take this video seriously in any way…you are going to be sorely disappointed. There is absolutely nothing serious about this video at all.

And now, without further ado…we introduce you to “The Joys Of Sisterhood!”

Chick Chat ~ Our Experiences As Sisters from I Heart Faces on Vimeo.

Andrea and I are both so glad you “survived” our video! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by to meet us. And a special thank you to Three Bay B Chicks for inviting us to be part of the fun.



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